Slutty school chick gets banged outdoors

There are students who make it a habit to break school rules every now and then by cutting classes to watch movies and whatnot but this particular student doesn’t go for the all too obvious reasons for ditching class because people get caught easier that way. Instead, this naughty slut goes out alone to meet someone from her neighborhood and do all sort of kinky things.

These take out her boredom, sitting for hours while listening to her professors all day, she says. It’s become second nature to her to automatically excuse herself from whatever class she’s having and go straight to her fuck buddy and give him a hot blowjob and make him fuck her rough outdoors. It doesn’t matter to her if her uniform gets dirty since she likes being dirty inside and out.

She would have her pal bang her from inside the car or outside, she doesn’t really give a damn as long as he’s plowing her the way she wanted, in her cunt and her tight ass, and he’d be successful enough to make them both cum hard before she would need to go back to her class again.

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